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florida-property-managmentFlorida Homegroup Realty provides complete Orlando property management services for property owners who want to save time and energy all while decreasing their vacancy rates. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality service that you can trust and taking care of all of the demands that being a landlord entails.

Our property managers are also experienced Orlando realtors who know the local market, know how to promote properties, and know how to show them to their best advantage. With Florida Homegroup Realty as your property manager you get a full line of property management services and Orlando real estate services in one location.

Our Orlando Property Management Services

    • Listing Services. We take care of listing and marketing the property for you. We will list the property on all multiple listing sources to achieve maximum exposure. We also show the property and conduct all walk-throughs with interested tenants.
    • Prospect Research and Tenant Checks. The biggest unknown when renting out a property is reliability of the tenant. We help you obtain all of the information you need to make the right tenant choice by running credit and criminal background checks of each applicant that is 18 years and older who will live on the property – even if they aren’t the leaseholder. We also check employment history, monthly incomes, and rental history in order to find the best prospect for the property.
    • Home Owners Association (HOA). There’s no need to fight through HOA rules and regulations, obtain approvals and the necessary permits for tenants with our property management services at work for you. We will handle all of the HOA contact and communication on your behalf.
    • Contracts. We will collect and prepare all of the necessary contracts and lease agreements for you, collecting signatures, and ensuring the lease agreement incorporates all of the terms and conditions you desire for the property including: rental amount, occupancy limits, pets, deposits and fees, repairs and maintenance, your rights as lessor, relevant health and safety code requirements, and any other restrictions you want to place on the property.
    • Home Inspection. As your Orlando property manager, we will make the initial property inspection before the tenant moves in and a final inspection after tenant moves out to record property conditions, identify areas needing repair, and make sure everything is perfect shape.
    • Payments. There’s no need to head out to your properties to collect monthly rental payments. We collect the rent for you and make deposits directly to your bank account.
    • Repairs and Maintenance. All repair needs and requests come to our office. We will respond to any emergency repair needs and organize scheduled maintenance or repair services. You will be fully advised of needed repairs and expected costs and must provide approval before repairs begin.

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